Character Day 2021 

"Saluting Essential and

Frontline Workers"

“Be the reason that someone feels Welcome, Seen, Heard,

Valued, Loved and Supported.”


Nominations are now closed! Please Stay tuned!

Nominee category:

Tell us about your nomineeLet us know how and for how long you have known the nominee. Describe why your nominee is a Hidden Hero and what makes them outstanding. Please share examples of their character strengths, e.g., resilience, courage, perseverance kindness, humility, optimism etc. Describe how your hidden hero demonstrates their character strengths

Nomination Guidelines 

  1. Nominees must be everyday people like essential workers or volunteers who are citizens or residents of The Bahamas.

  2. Select the most appropriate category – Youth (under 18) & Adult

  3. You may submit more than one nominee.

   4. Elected officials, PACE Board members and their immediate families are not eligible for nomination.

   5. Nominees can be individuals, groups or organizations, active in The Bahamas.

   6. Nominations must be submitted online (see form below)

   7. Deadline for Submission:  September 30, 2021.

   8. Describe why your nominee is a hidden- hero. Your description is an important part of the selection process. Describe         their character strengths and how they use them to positively impact others.

   9. Follow us on social media

Judging Criteria

All nominees will be reviewed by an independent selection committee using the following criteria.

●      The nominee is an everyday person like an essential worker or volunteer.

●      The nominee demonstrates ‘good’ or ‘strong’ character: Their character strengths are described, and supported by                 examples of their actions, words, and behaviour.

●      The nominee regularly impacts those around them in positive ways e.g. is a role model, inspires and motivates others.


The judging panel will:

●      Assess each nominee against the criteria

●      Decide on finalists and determine which nominees will be showcased for each category

●      Finalists will be interviewed and featured on our social media pages


The decision of the judging panel is final.

Thank you for your submission!

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